Gill Coates

About me

I have always liked to design the space I inhabit, even as a child, drawing up plans for my bedroom, which my father then made. I have an ability to visualize how a space could look using a different style, layout or even a structural alteration.

When I bought my first house thirty years ago, and immersed myself in the renovations and re-decorating, I realised that designing interiors would be a lifelong passion. It has proved to be so, with several complete house renovations and countless hours of work spent sourcing for clients in both France and Britain, I still have a burning desire to originate beautiful living spaces in all shapes, sizes and styles. Now I am also fervent about obtaining sustainable materials to attain ecologically friendly builds and finishes on my projects without compromising aesthetics or practicality.

I live in West Dorset but am available for work all over the U.K., Europe and further afield.